We provide you with the best barber services you`ve ever tried. Find the one you need and enjoy the result.

Face Razor Shave $24

Our masters will shave your face and after you won’t have irritation.

Head Razor Shave $24

We will carefully shave your head with safe razor.

Royal Shave $35

A real moment of relaxation including moisturizing and soothing products.

Haircut $24

Our masters will help you to choose and to create a suitable haircut.

Shampoo & Cut $27

You will get your haircut and we will wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo.

Line Up All Around $15

Get your hairline on fleek.

Machine Beard Trim $10

We clean up your beard, making it look intentional and respectable.

Long Hair $30-$35

Our masters know how to groom long hair.

Scissor Cut $24

Masters at Ray’s Barbershop know how to use the rare traditional technique.