During centuries for many men, barbershop has been a place not only to get a perfect haircut but also to chat with old friends, to drink some beer or whisky and to have enjoyable time. At Ray’s Barbershop, we don’t give up on traditions. Our team has modernized customs, added our style and vision to have one of the best barbershops in the heart of New York, near the City Hall Park, at 46 Park PL Street.
Ray’s Barbershop has become a unique place with an outstanding individuality which can be the response to other barbershops. We put our souls in what we do, and money isn’t our goal. Here, at Ray’s Barbershop, our team wanted to create an impressive space, which provides a visitor with positive brutal mood and feeling of a traditional but prominent place.
Our long-time clients define our barbershop as their comfort zone; many of them are addicted to the atmosphere of brotherhood, the odor of the best styling products, wood, leather and, of course, stylish music. Entered Ray’s Barbershop once, you will definitely come back to dive into this unforgettable space.
Let our experienced barbers make all your hairstyle desires come true while you enjoy the time spent with us.